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So for the past few days I've been teaching high school. Some would consider me to be a less than ideal influence on the impressionable mind. Perhaps they are right. Either way, I do not enjoy teaching high school students. I am a very neat monster attempting to reign in a wild crowd. They have no order, no patterns. I had thought my days of associating with 17-year old children had ended the day I turned 18. Nonetheless, it is nice to pass on my knowledge to a younger crowd.
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I have...a tail. I'm going back to sleep now. 
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*Dexter is a Sexter*
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Hey everybody! I bought donuts for everyone! Want some? I guess I'll leave them in the lobby.
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There must be a garden nearby the manor. Pink petals have been blowing by all day; they look so peaceful, fluttering past. If I could feel, I'd probably also be at peace right now; I think thats nice. However, I'm a little worried--the water coming out of the faucets at the house had an off scent today. I couldn't quite identify it, but I should probably warn the landlady to check the pipes.

In other news, I had another visit from my friend today. When I returned to my apartment, all of the furniture had been rearranged to match the exact layout of my apartment in Miami-I guess he knew that I've been missing home. All of my suitcases which I had neglected were unpacked, and my slide-case was even placed in a newly installed air-conditioning unit. There's no place like home. There was also a box of chocolates marked "<3 from your landlady", although I'm assuming these were probably actually from Yuuko; his gifts are usually much more exciting.

I'm surprised to hear from my friend now though. I thought I lost him in Miami. Its kind of nice to know he cares so much. I think hes the only one who can truly understand me.
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So I'm in England, on a freelance case, I suppose you could say. Normally, I work a little closer to home, but my suspect is on the move, and I would just hate for him to be the one who got away. It works out rather well, because I've been taking a bit of time off from the agency, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, the move has been somewhat disjointing. Reorganizing a new life, adjusting to a new pattern is not usually within my purview. Not to mention that I have a few belongings that I was a little uncomfortable with at the airport. But everything arrived safely, and now I just have to get to know my neighbors better. Much, much better.
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